Temporary Placement

Find qualified temporary workers in Gatineau and Ottawa

When faced with hiring new staff, a temporary replacement, increased work overload, or completing a special project; CLA Personnel is dedicated to bringing together candidates and organizations. CLA Personnel recruits, evaluates and hires personnel on a daily basis. Our pre-screened, qualified candidates are conveniently at the disposal of our clients.

Provided with a precise job description, including the hours of work, the length of the term and the skills and qualifications required, CLA Personnel attempts to carefully pair the selection criteria to our best available candidate. During the selection process, we insure proper communication between the employer and the potential candidate(s). The candidate’s file (including resumes, test results, and reference checks) can be provided to the client, for the initial selection. Afterward, interviews are arranged to determine the final choice.

The selected employee is assigned to the workplace, while CLA Personnel remains the employer and is therefore responsible for all related employer costs including Canada Pension Plan, Unemployment Insurance, WSIB/CSST, statutory holidays, and vacation days.

Temporary Employment Fees

An hourly rate is established during the initial consultation between the client and one of our recruiters, depending on the candidate’s salary expectations. Salary expectations vary from one candidate to the other, depending on the job description, the complexity of the task, the required years of experience, etc.

Obviously the organization’s budget must also be taken into consideration. Our human resources professionals will help find the perfect balance between fair market price and your budget. Approved worked hours are billed to your organization on a weekly basis.

  • Strategic recruiting
  • Resume analysis
  • Interviews
  • Skills evaluation via the IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments platform
  • English tests, personality assessments, management skills and much more through EPSI’s COMPETRICA platform
  • Training (available if required)
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal Record Checks and Government of Canada Security Clearances
  • Pay and benefits
  • Workforce management
  • Follow-up, evaluation and performance reviews

Our temporary placements are guaranteed for your satisfaction

Our services are always accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee. If within the first 4 hours of the temporary assignment you assess that our employee is not qualified or does not meet the requirements of the position, you will not be charged and we will replace the employee as soon as possible.

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